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We get a lot of questions from homeowners, commercial operations, and just about anybody we talk with. Discussion and information sharing is a top priority for us, to ensure things are always done the right way! That's why we strive to discuss options in detail with our customers, in order to accomodate their needs and busget but also to make sure it is done properly and appropriately, the first time. Below are some of the more common question we get. Do you have a question? Click here to send it our way!

We have been providing service to the North NJ area for 15 years.

That depends; Repairs are often less expensive up front which is appealing, but the lower cost comes with some risk. Repairs are usually surface level, therefore there can be no guarantee that more structural damage will not occur. Every new construction done by us comes with a 5 year structural guarantee. Some times it is better to spend a bit more up front and avoid having to keep hiring out for repairs.

We are able to construct & paint Wrought Iron & Aluminum railings in our shop, those are our preferred materials for railings. Metal provides more security than vinyl or wood, but we also believe it is a more aesthetically pleasing match with stone/rustic steps.

We have two staple styles for steps that are cost-effective and still very nice; first there is the very simple and common style of concrete block and cement stucco for the side walls and step risers. Most often this is paired with a Limestone tread(cap) on each step and around the top landing pad.

Second, and our personal favorite, is using 8" straight-face retaining wall block for the side walls and step risers. The blocks are best paired with a matching cap in the same material on the steps and around the landing pad. We believe this to be simultaneously both the most structurally durable and most aesthetically pleasing option.